Webinar Curriculum

Webinar Curriculum

I was just thinking about promoting my best equipment sales person to:

Commander and Chief MPS King Sales Genius

MPS – Manage Print Services

He’ll take the industry by storm;
We’ll have more MPS clients than we can shake a stick at.

Just Slow Down

Think Out of the Box for a minute.

What if he stinks at MPS?

Now you have lost your best equipment Sales Person
and have secured no MPS revenue to show for the loss.

To the RESCUE 

What to look for when recruiting a successful MPS Representative

Webinar Curriculum

Avatara- Complete Cloud WebinarLearn about partnering with a leader in the Cloud solution industry: Avatara.

Moving companies to the Complete Cloud solution will reduce your technology costs, update your infrastructure and maximize your mobile capabilities. Learn how to partner and become a dealer of the complete cloud solution.

Success By Selection Webinar

One bad hire will cost you thousands of dollars.

Sissen and Associates is offering a three part Success By Selection Webinar for $199.

Who should attend:
Owners, Sales Managers and Service Managers!

Morning presentation each day 8:30 to 9:30AM Central
Afternoon presentation each day 6 to 7PM Central

Each day a different module of SBS will be presented. Therefore, if you can only attend once a week you may pick up on a following week.

SBS Module #1 is presented on Tuesdays.

Module #2 is presented on Wednesdays and Module #3 is presented on Thursdays.

Course material will also be sent to attendees prior to the Webinar.

Reducing Sales Turnover Webinar

20 minute complementary webinar

If these times don’t work JUST CALL or EMAIL and we will put together a date and time that will work for you.

Everyone that makes hiring decisions needs to learn this simple system.