Mgt Systems

Management Systems

Our management systems are designed to increase the skill of the manager in five key areas: Recruiting, Selecting, Training, Management, and Motivation of people.

The processes and systems introduced in the seminars have been used for over twenty years in helping copier dealerships build profitable and quality organizations. The first step in training managers is educational seminars that focus on the five major management functions. These functions are broken down into two day seminars as outlined below.

Success by Selection Management Systems

These processes train managers to be able to recruit and select the best quality people, the building blocks of a quality organization.

S.B.S is a proven total systems approach to getting quality people committed to producing and achieving objectives.

Managers discover how easy it is to avoid costly selection errors. Managers are thoroughly trained to recruit, screen, interview, evaluate and select quality job candidates.

The key to the outstanding results of this system is the increased judgmental ability of the manager making the selection decision. ensure your ability to use the Interest Analysis/Behavioral Evaluation to improve your selection, your interviewing and your management.

The Success By Selection system is shaped to fit the individual needs of your company and managers. Managers discover how this system of professional selection will improve their results in people selection in their business.

It gets results and it’s proven! The installation is accomplished through the training of managers and executives in the stimulating Success By Selection seminar.

This seminar is conducted workshop fashion with great emphasis placed on group participation. The outcome is to

Get the right person in the right job on the right team.”

Ask For Action! Management System

Ensures success through a systematic method of attitude, skill and knowledge development.

One of the manager’s key responsibilities is to develop “self-managed” people. This results in increased production and profitability as well as building a reputation as a professional manager.

Trains managers how to use the 100-day program for the training of new associates. The end result of this training is that managers discover how to communicate, develop, and transfer skills to their associates who then are able to effectively do the job they have been selected for through the S.B.S. process.

Provides tested proven techniques for developing self-managed people. The process develops the three key habits of success.

A proven system in getting new people and new managers started quickly.

An easy guaranteed way for companies to save time and money by using a results-oriented management training system.

T.E.A.M Building

Total Effective Action Management System

This system increases productivity and profits by helping your associates become as committed to their jobs as your are to yours.

The T.E.A.M. system is designed to combine the sensitivity of humanistic management with the pragmatic aspects of Management-by-Objective.

Build positive quality relationships among your people. Align personal and corporate goals. build on your associates strengths. Reduce conflict. Experience renewed enthusiasm and commitment to excellence.

The popularity with “front-line” associates is due to its straightforward simplicity (which is complicated to do), its emphasis on making associates feel good about what they are doing, and because it provides participants with discussion opportunities, feedback and positive reinforcement.

Develop the team’s creative potential and problem-solving capacity through personally experiencing the cultural phenomenon of T.E.A.M.