Excerpts From Webinars / Seminars

Success by Selection Overview

The purpose of the Success by Selection system is to assist you in the development of professional skills in the recruitment and selection of quality people. Your ability to match the capacities of people to the requirements of jobs is a vital personal management skill and a major factor in promoting your company’s efficiency, growth and earnings.

The right person in the right job will produce. The right person in the wrong job will be detrimental to the goals of the organization. The underlying key to a successful business operation lies in the initial selection of the right people for the right jobs. As a manager you have only one downside: your people don’t produce!

Selection errors are commonplace and their cost is staggering. Thousands of dollars are lost each year by companies of all sizes and in every business field because they select people who are not qualified to fill key jobs.

Every job is a key job. The cost of turnover is increased dramatically when we add in the training expense, additional recruiting and selection expense, loss of productive time by management, and lost business through dissatisfied customers who are served by incompetent individuals.

In addition, managers personally experience discouragement and frustration in their own job when they realize they must begin all over to recruit a replacement for a key position.

Interviewing skills are not easy to learn. They require practice and development. This segment will present a process to assist you in interviewing. However, your key to success will be to practice the process and to learn from each hiring success and hiring failure … (more)


The purpose of the T.E.A.M. system is to combine the sensitivity of humanistic management with the pragmatic aspects of Management by Objective.

Management techniques without people sensitivity can become cold and negative. Humanistic management concepts alone can become too soft and nonproductive.

The combination of these two management philosophies gives us the best of both worlds: tough, results-oriented management with people sensitivity.

In effect, we are placing the iron fist of Management by Objective in the velvet glove of sensitivity and motivation. The end result is action-oriented management that is responsive to human needs.

When management becomes responsive to people from a basic psychological-need viewpoint, the productivity of the team increases greatly. The cultural orientation becomes one of pride and mutual trust. To achieve this end is not easy.

It takes hard work and total dedication on the part of the manager or leader of the team. It is the full responsibility of the center of the team to radiate the philosophy of Management by Objective and humanistic management… (more)

Ask For Action Overview

The objective of training is productivity, not knowledge. Through a systematic method of Attitude, Skill, and Knowledge development, the people on your team enhance their chance for increased productivity and success.

One of a manager’s key responsibilities is to develop “self-managed” people. The results are increased production and profit as well as building a reputation as a professional manager. Your success image of being able to recruit, select and train people to be highly successful in your business will affect your total team-building efforts.

Our experience has shown that the manager must be the ongoing trainer of all team members. The new team members need an opportunity to work with a professional manager who is knowledgeable in the areas of professional skills and product knowledge.

The experienced team members need the opportunity to continue to increase their skills and knowledge to experience more success and more job satisfaction.

The end result of development is to communicate and transfer skills so that people are able to effectively do the job they have been selected to do… (more)