Processes of Building a Quality Team - Recruit, Select, Develop, Manage and Motivate

Start Planning Now

Many people fear the future because the future is not predictable or controllable.  Products change, buying patterns change, people’s needs change; in fact, just about everything changes.  We as managers and owners can only control what we can predict.  To help us through an uncertain future, we must have a People Management System and a Mission Statement in place so that we are better able to respond to the changes in our future.  What are your company’s five-year goals?  What are your company’s one-year goals?  One month goals? In order to achieve our objectives, we must have the right people in the right jobs.  We must maintain a system of recruitment so that viable candidates are ready, willing and able to fill openings created by termination, growth or attrition.  With a clear understanding of our Mission and with the committed people in the right job, we will be better able to lead and respond to the uncertainties that lie in our company’s future.

                                              Quantitative Versus Qualitative

Companies who are unable or unwilling to plan for the future will rely heavily upon hiring people based strictly on quantitative indicators.  These indicators would be things such as: “Can they sell a certain product, can they assemble a certain product, can they receive or track a certain order.”  Quantitative indicators can be easily measured,  On the other hand, companies with a set Mission and Team Agreements try to hire people who not only have quantitative skills which are a must, but they also have good qualitative abilities. These abilities are not easily measured with facts, figures or numbers.  People with good qualitative abilities are those people who exhibit loyalty, trustworthiness and dependability.  They are usually good team players, can anticipate problems before they occur and are willing to voice their ideas and opinions when appropriate.  If we as owners and leaders are able to recruit and select people that have the right quantitative abilities as well as qualitative abilities, we will be able to better ensure that the right person is in the right job.  You will find, time and time again, people with the right amount of “can-do” ability and the right amount of “will-do” ability will exhibit good longevity and productivity with in your organization.